Application and Development of Distributed Photovoltaic Protection Circuit Breakers


The global climate problem is becoming more and more serious, and the "dual carbon" goal has become a goal that all walks of life must implement. According to the data released by the International Energy Agency, the total carbon emissions of the global power industry (including thermal power) accounts for more than 40% of the total global carbon emissions. Therefore, the power industry is a key link to achieve carbon reduction. On the one hand, the optimization of the power structure requires increasing the proportion of clean energy power generation, promoting the layout of photovoltaics, energy storage and other industries, and reducing traditional thermal power generation; Emissions and efficiency of energy use of electricity.

As an important transmission method in photovoltaic, energy storage, data center, rail transit and other industries, DC power has become a new keyword for the development of the terminal power distribution industry. While DC power plays an important role in the field of power distribution, core issues such as power safety and operation and maintenance costs caused by line short-circuits, overloads and other faults are still huge challenges for DC products.

Aswich Electric released distributed photovoltaic molded case circuit breakers to provide more reliable security protection for DC applications and empower the development of the industry.

Distributed photovoltaic protection circuit breakers (referred to as photovoltaic circuit breakers) Molded case circuit breakers use high-resistant materials to comprehensively improve protection performance, double rotating contacts shorten the breaking time, minimalist size design optimizes general space, and easily covers the entire line of applications from 1P to 4P It is mainly used for isolation, overload and short-circuit protection in low-voltage power generation, transmission and distribution lines in photovoltaic power systems, and can also be used for infrequent connection and disconnection of lines under normal conditions.

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Remote control

The photovoltaic circuit breaker can be remotely controlled to perform the reclosing function of the circuit and perform online upgrade and maintenance to ensure the safety of product use.

Automatic control

Through high-performance chip control, in the event of a fault, it will alarm and power off in time to reduce potential safety hazards.


Photovoltaic circuit breakers have overcurrent long delay protection, overcurrent short delay protection, rated instantaneous short circuit protection, residual current protection, overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, terminal and contact overtemperature protection, passive islanding protection, power generation quality monitoring It has eleven major protection support functions, such as protection, three-phase unbalance monitoring and protection of power generation current, and grid-connected protection of photovoltaic power generation side.

Circuit real-time monitoring

Photovoltaic circuit breakers can monitor various power parameters generated during the use of the circuit in real time, and the power management is more intelligent.


Photovoltaic energy storage industry: security guards on the emerging power generation side

As the "main force" of new energy sources, the emergence of problems such as high voltage, multi-node and current instability in the photovoltaic energy storage industry has made industry users have higher requirements for electricity safety and maintenance. The special structural design and material quality of Aswich's EDM3 series DC molded case circuit breakers ensure long-term stability of the circuit breaker in harsh environments, especially for cutting off critical currents in photovoltaic systems. In high voltage and multiple scenarios, we provide different solutions to create a green, efficient and complete photovoltaic power generation system.

Rail transit industry: an all-round player on the stable electricity side

Rail transit has been in a strong vibration environment for a long time, requiring products to have high stability and safety, especially in some severe cold areas and high altitude areas, and also require products to have corresponding low temperature adaptability. Faced with these demands, Aswich uses special technology and materials to create DC-specific contacts for EDM3 series DC molded case circuit breakers to ensure that environmental factors during operation do not affect the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, anti-welding and welding properties of the equipment. Abrasion resistance. At the same time, EDM3 series DC molded case circuit breakers have the characteristics of high flame retardancy, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, long electrical life, lower temperature rise and power consumption, and reliable breaking performance. The all-round attribute can adapt to the harsh and changeable locomotive operating environment and ensure the operation safety of rail transit.

Data center industry: smart assistants on the active power side

The data center industry is a "big consumer of electricity". How to realize multiple options with high current and low cost under the huge system energy consumption is a major problem for data center users. Innovative solutions consisting of EDB1 series DC miniature circuit breakers, EDM3 series DC molded case circuit breakers and other products are suitable for different current and voltage levels of data centers. In addition, the supporting intelligent software controls the data center according to traffic segments, reducing the energy consumption and manual operation and maintenance costs of the data center. Combined with the power monitoring module, intelligent electric operation and cloud platform, a terminal intelligent solution covering protection, measurement and state control is created. It is an assistant to help data centers enter into intelligent operation and maintenance.

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