ERS-6/8 Series PV Array Level Firefighter Safety Switch

Aswich developed and launched the ERS series rapid shut down switch(RS switch). After installing the Aswich RS switch, firefighters can remotely turn off the AC power before extinguishing the fire. The quick-shutoff switch will automatically disconnect the internal DC isolation switch after collecting the signal from the power grid.

Product Benefits

  • Suitable for 3-string,4-string,5-string modules

  • Maximum circuit current 55A

  • Maximum cricuit voltage 1500vdc

  • CE certificated

  • Sheet metal material, IP66 protection grade

  • Multi clock interface type optional (knockout hole / gland / MC4 terminal)

  • The Isolation switches are TUV.CE.CB.SAA certificated

  • Waterproof Vent valve to avoid condensation inside the shell

  • Advanced temperature sensor is used to detect the highest temperature in the shell in real time temperature, when the internal temperature exceeds 70 degrees, automatic cut-off switch

  • It is suitable for residential, industrial and commercial photovoltaic systems

ERS-6/8 Series PV Array Level Firefighter Safety Switch