Waterproof AC Isolator Switch 1P 2P 35A IP66

The EAS Series AC isolation switches are suitable for switching on and off AC circuit systems, such as in PV systems and air conditioning systems. AC isolator switch for use with a grid-connected solar array. Positioned adjacent to the inverter a AC switch is required to provide a means of manually isolating the AC supply during system installation or any subsequent maintenance.

Product Benefits

  • Switching ON &OFF on-load

  • 4pcs screws with protective caps for high strength locking

  • IP66 & UV resistance and flame-retardant material

  • Dual 25mm threaded conduit entries on top and bottom

  • Pad-lockable handle

  • 5 years warranty, product insurance, and recall insurance available

Waterproof AC Isolator Switch 1P 2P 35A IP66