32A-63A 230V AC/DC Modular Contactor

The ECH8 modular contactor (hereinafter referred to as contactor)is mainly suitable for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), rated working voltage to 400V and rated current operation in the circuit up to 125A,it can control the low-inductance and low-inductance load of household appliances and similar purposes: it can also be used to control the load of household motorsThe power should be reduced accordingly.

Product Benefits 

  • High degree of Electrical life

The ECH8 contactor eliminates the obvious impact sound of the traditional contactor at the moment of pull-in and eliminates contactor in the low-frequency hum noise of operating.

  • Noiseless and hum free

  • Energy Saving

The ECH8 contactor has an optimized electromagnetic system,which greatly reduces the holding power of contactor..

  • Compact design

The width of ECH8 contactors is much smaller than traditionaAC Contactors. which saves users more installation space and can be conveniently installed in ordinary distribution boxes

  • Auxiliary function

The ECH8 contactor can be extended with auxiliary contacts on the right side of the product. which is more suitable for signal feedback reguirements in an intelligent control environment

32A-63A 230V AC/DC Modular Contactor