Import report - August 2021 Brazil PV modules and inverters


Compared with the previous month, the import volume of photovoltaic modules in Brazil increased by 19.5% in August. The highlight is that 64% of the total is single-sided components.

PV module import      

In August 2021, the import volume reached 594mwp, an increase of 179.5% over the same period in 2020. Single side components account for 63.4% of the monthly total, and high-power components (500wp +) account for 35% of the total, which is 209mwp.


PV module price      

Compared with the results in July 2021, the average FOB price of PV components in August 2021 decreased by 0.33%, and the total percentage increased by 19.2% since December 2020. Greener predicts that component prices will rise sharply in the second half of the year and may last until 2022.


PV inverter import      

In August 2021, the import volume of photovoltaic inverter reached 670mw, a year-on-year increase of 69.85% compared with August 2020 and a month on month decrease of 17% compared with July 2021.


Inverter capacity      

The highlight in August was the larger inverter capacity (+ 50.1kw), accounting for 42% of the total imports of series technology inverters, 22% of medium-sized inverters and 36% of small inverters.



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