Personalized Service

Excellent production capacity

As shown in the figure below, ASWICH's professional automated production line can provide safe and reliable protection for your circuit system through assembly line production and strict quality inspection.


Plant Area


Production Line

2,000,000 pieces

Annual Capacity

300 +


ASWICH's Qualified Team of Production Design Experts

Aimed at turning your concepts into exceptional projects, our professional team combines world-class talent and exceptional creativity.

product design and development

Customized mold opening

Aswich's production base has 3 mold processing workshops and thousands of own molds. When you need to customize a solution for your project, our engineers can first confirm the effect with you through drawings and 3D printing, and then develop a new mold within two weeks.

Extensive Design and Analysis Service

ASWICH provides customers with a series of value-added services, aiming to respond to market changes and customer needs in a timely manner, improve response to unexpected situations, and ensure that products are closest to customer needs.


Comprehensive consultation

Our team of experts will take the time to understand the specific requirements of your project. From design and function to material and cost, we provide expert guidance at every step of production, and provide consulting and quality assurance services throughout your project life cycle.

Other Services Offered by ASWICH

Solar Solution

Solar Solution

The photovoltaic on-grid power generation system can convert the DC power output by the solar panels into AC power.

EV Charger Solution

EV Charger Solution

Its appearance of this product adopts a streamlined and simple design, which is more refined and glitzy.

Personalized Service

Personalized Service

30 years of experience allows us to provide responsive design & production analyses for improved overall performance of our solar PV protection products.