Is It necessary to install Aircon Isolator Switches?


Aircon Isolator switches are devices or systems that isolate a particular circuit for maintenance and prevent currents from passing through. The main isolator switch, also known as an isolator, typically consists of two sets (or one set) of electrical contacts mounted in series. The line side is connected to a power supply outside the building.  

The isolation device prevents any potential current from flowing into circuits not being maintained by cutting off all electricity going to them.


Aircon isolators are designed to prevent home safety switches from repeatedly tripping in the case of a faulty air conditioning system. The isolator disconnects the power supply as soon as it runs into any unusual electrical fault or malfunction, which can save homeowners money on costs associated with repairing their AC unit and preventing damage to other parts of their house.

This means no opportunity for faults like ground fault interruptions which poses safety risks such as an injury due to electrocution or death caused by electric shock while using appliances near water sources during thunderstorms which often occur after.

An air conditioner is recommended to install an isolator switch during aircon installation. When you install a new AC unit, an isolator switch install to protect it from storms. The switches are easy for homeowners to access and disconnect in the event of high winds or lightning strikes which could cause damage.

Putting an isolator switch on your home safety system will prevent it from constantly being tripped by faults in the air conditioner. This way, you can disconnect power to fix any problems before they cause a major issue and still have no interruption of service while waiting for repairs to be completed.

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