Solar fireman's Switches ensure safety during maintenance or emergency for PV System


To ensure staff safety during maintenance and emergencies disconnect devices should be appropriately located and enclosures installation should be failsafe.


Safety solar switch

The switch disconnectors on the AC side and DC side of the inverter shall be installed for inverter service and maintenance.

As many switch disconnectors should be installed as are needed to allow operation on the PV generator, particularly to replace fuses in the String combiner boxes and generator junction boxes.

For PV systems inside buildings, a remotely-controlled switch disconnector should be mounted as closely as possible to the PV modules or to the point of entry of DC cables in the event of an emergency.

With the fireman's switches from Aswich's  series, the sun's energy can be safely and efficiently harnessed. In the event of a fire, DC voltages of up to 1,000 V often continue to be present on the modules and the cables, even after the inverter has been enabled, making it almost impossible for firefighters to do their job. Fireman’s switches ensure the safety of firefighters by making it possible to disconnect the cables leading from the solar modules to the inverter at the touch of a button, either on site or via the local power utility.

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