EDS6EL DC Isolator IP66 Enclosure(1500V 50A)

EDS6EL/55 DC isolator switch in IP66 enclosure is developed for 1000V 1500V commercial solar rooftop, should be installed between photovoltaic panels and inverter for DC power isolation. Each poles up to 55A at 1500V aluminum and plastic material of enclosure optional,breather valve optional. Patent arc-extinguish chamber and UL listed qualify material ensure a highest level quality and solar DC safety.

Product Benefits

  • Ip66, UV Resistance

  • Arcing Time < 3ms

  • Earth Terminal 

  • IEC60947-3, AS60947.3

  • 2 Poles, 4 Poles Available(Single | Double String)

  • DC-PV2 / DC-21B: 55A up to 1500VDC

EDS6EL DC Isolator IP66 Enclosure(1500V 50A)