ECB Series PV DC Combiner Box (2 input 1 output)1000V

Combiner boxes Suitable for PV system, equipped with a surge protector and isolator fuses,provid-ing isolation, leakage and grounding protection. link PV inverters and PV arrays, combining the output of a large number of strings to improve PV performance.

Product Benefits 

DC Surge Protector


  • Max Operation Voltage 1000V 

  • Standard Compliance with EN50539 Type2

  • Maximum Discharge Current 40 KA 

  • Certification TUV,CB,CE

DC Fuse


  • LED Indicator or without LED indicator

  • Rated Working Voltage 1000V 

  • Fuse Link 10x38mm LITTEL 15A 

  • Certification TUV,CB,CE