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What is a Solar Combiner Box?

A PV combiner box is an electrical distribution box where DC breakers are housed.   Its main purpose is to combine multiple DC inputs from the panels in the system into a single DC output. This output is then connected to a charge controller or inverter, depending on the type of system. They also allow you to transition to larger wires between the array and the batteries or inverter to minimize transmission voltage drop.


The number of strings determine the number of breakers that can be placed in the PV combiner box

Ex: MNPV3 = 3 strings, 3 breakers

Ex: SMA 12 = 12 strings, 12 breakers

Overcurrent protection for each string

Must meet UL 1741


With Combiner Boxes, ASwich offers PV combiner box concept based on a standardised printed circuit board design. The advantages: simplicity, safety, time savings, and cost reduction. ASwich Combiner Boxes covers approximately 75 % of today's standard requirements, enabling PV installers to work faster and more cost-effectively. The integrated PUSH IN technology reduces assembly times and minimises the risk of errors and the resulting consequences.


Overvoltage protection

All boxes are protecting your panels or inverters from surges. Our standard protection on the pcb are arresters in type 1.

Plug & Play connection

Choose the WMC connection for the ready-to-use box and reduce your operation time significantly. The other option is to choose cable glands and do your individual cabeling.


The unique PCB design allows quick and easy integration of additional functions. For example, a switch can be integrated or a second MPPT can be connected directly to the first PCB.


With the PUSH IN connection technology, ASwich PV Combiner Box offers the most straightforward and safest connection concept for cabling. The installation can be carried out without crimping and without special tools.


The intuitive design and PUSH IN connection technology make installation safer and quality assurance easier. The risk of screw connections with incorrect torque is eliminated, which is one of the main risks for fires.


Can I put AC and DC Breakers in the Same Box?

No. A solar combiner box is meant to combine many inputs to make it into one output to reduce wiring. If you use DC and AC breakers in the same box, you would not be combining the inputs, since DC and AC cannot be combined in this way, so essentially the box would be a junction box strictly for breaker housing and not combining. Also, if you put both DC and AC combiners in a PV combiner box, it would not pass code.


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