how to build a PV combiner box?


The solar power system, also photovoltaic (PV) system, It is a kind of energy convert sunlight into electricity for human daily use, it consists of one or more solar panels and inverters and other electrical devices and mechanical hardware that uses solar power output from direct current to alternating current to generate electricity.

The solar power systems range from small rooftops or portable systems, building-integrated systems to large utility-scale power plants, the size of solar power system can vary greatly from a few to several tens of kilowatts.


how to build a solar combiner box?

General solar combiner box, also pv combiner box according to different power usage configuration requirements, the current ranges from 10A to 800A, and the DC voltage ranges from DC 24V to 1500V.

Commonly used voltages are mainly divided into DC 550V and DC 1000V. For solar combiner boxes with currents above 125A, DC MCCB (moulded case circuit breaker) 125A-800A should be selected. For currents less than 125A, DC MCB (Mini circuit breaker) 6-125A is selected for DC circuit breakers.

In addition to the DC circuit breaker, the Solar combiner box also needs to be equipped with DC Fuse holder, DC SPD (Surge protection device) according to different lightning protection and overload protection requirements.


Our common photovoltaic combiner box is suitable for the inverter’s maximum input power of DC550V/DC1000V. Aswich solar combiner box is made of IP66 high-performance waterproof plastic material, which is fire-resistant, flame-retardant, temperature rise, anti-impact, and anti-ultraviolet. It is very suitable for outdoor Solar power DC system power distribution installation.

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