ONCCY showcased Photovoltaic Protection Products at the 2023 Shanghai SNEC PV Exhibition


From May 24th to 26th, the 16th International Solar Photovoltaic and Smart Energy (Shanghai) Exhibition (SNEC Exhibition) took place successfully at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. As the most influential global event in the field of photovoltaics, distinguished by its international, professional, and large-scale nature, this SNEC Exhibition attracted over 500,000 professional visitors and clients from more than 95 countries and regions, creating an unprecedentedly fervent atmosphere at the exhibition.

Accompanied by a splendid array of photovoltaic safety protection components such as DC isolation switches,  Firefighter Safety Switch, No-polarity DC Circuit Breaker, combiner boxes, surge protectors, fuses, and AC protection products, ONCCY Electrical showcased its offerings at booth 588 in Hall N4.

The ONCCY Electrical booth garnered the attention and inquiries of numerous domestic and international customers and spectators. The company's sales managers engaged in friendly and delightful exchanges with inquiring customers, introducing the distinctive features and advantages of our products, addressing inquiries and needs, fostering profound communication and negotiations. Many customers expressed their desire to establish long-term cooperative relationships with our company.

ONCCY Electrical's series of DC components encompass dedicated DC isolation switches for inverters, solar photovoltaic protection fuses and bases, molded-case DC circuit breakers, miniature DC circuit breakers, as well as surge protectors. Through technical innovation, user-friendly operational design, and ensuring electrical safety, Anshou Electric tailors comprehensive system solutions specifically for photovoltaic power plants.

Compared to other power generation systems, photovoltaic systems place higher and more precise demands on low-voltage electrical products. For instance, photovoltaic products need to exhibit robust adaptability in extreme environments, employ rapid disconnection technology to ensure electrical safety, and possess an extended service life. ONCCY Electrical's DC component products and system solutions fulfill the comprehensive technical requirements of photovoltaic power generation systems.


The successful staging of the Shanghai SNEC Photovoltaic Exhibition has enabled Anshou Electric to perceive the flourishing development and immense potential of the photovoltaic industry, as well as experience amicable cooperation and collective progress among domestic and international peers. Our participation in this exhibition has not only enhanced ONCCY Electrical's brand image and market influence but also expanded our customer resources and cooperative networks, establishing a solid foundation for our company's development in domestic and international markets. ONCCY Electrical will continue to intensify research and development efforts, safeguarding the technical superiority and core competitiveness of our photovoltaic product series, thereby making a greater contribution to the advancement of the green development of the photovoltaic industry and safe electrical usage.

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