Aswich Enclosed Disconnect Switches for PV


Aswich enclosed switches are available in plastic or Aluminum enclosures. Options include 3-4 pole, open type, or polycarbonate enclosed switches with a black blue or blue handle. Every design is lockable in the OFF position. The switching mechanism speed is independent of the operator. Other features include terminal size acceptability of 8AWG to 1/0AWG, a current range of 60A to 100A, and silver contacts ensuring safe and durable operation.

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Enclosed switches ensure the on-load breaking and making of circuits and safely isolate all low-voltage electrical circuits by providing protection against contact with live parts and environmental elements, such as dust, water and other hazards. They enable the shutdown and isolation of the power supply as close to the equipment as possible.

With enclosed safety switches, we support you to create a safe working environment by reducing the risk of electrical or mechanical accidents.

Long-life and high resistance

The enclosures are made of high quality, UV resistant materials and the degree of protection is IP65. Suitable for indoors and outdoors.

Prevents electrical accidents

Features such as padlockable handles and cover interlock allow safe maintenance and installation work.

High performance and reliability

Safety switches can be used in demanding applications. Safety switches for environments with electromagnetic disturbances (EMC) are available.

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