AC Fuse Holder 10A-32A 1P 2P 3P

A fuse is sensitive to heat. Whenever there is a power surge or the unit heats excessively the filament in the fuse melts. This occurrence is the blown fuse. The fuse is designed in such a manner that it can bear the load of fixed amperes only. If the voltage increases beyond its amperage capacity, the fuse blows. Essentially, when the fuse blows, it cuts the power supply to the unit and thereby saving the unit from any further damage.

Product Benefits 

  • Design according to IEC/EN 60947-3 

  • Version

    without visual tripping indicator JHAFH 

    with visual tripping indicator JHAFL 

  • Can be sealed with leads 

  • Supplied without fuse-links

AC Fuse Holder 10A-32A  1P 2P 3P