EAP T3, Class D, Class III SPD AC Surge Protective Device

The AC Surge Protective Device SPD T3, Class D, Class III TLP product line is distinguished by its modular devices' high-performance specifications and uncomplicated AC series design. The devices integrate safety and usability into a single module. They are useful for protecting terminal equipment in industrial electronic environments due to their low voltage protection level and extensive protection against common-mode and differential-mode interference.

Product Benefits

  • Two-pole surge protector with a base and a plug-in protection module.

  • High discharge capacity due to the combination of a heavy-duty zinc oxide varistor and spark gap.

  • Coordination of energy consumption with other arrestors in the AC product line

  • Operating state/defect notification by a green/red flag in the inspection window

  • Narrow (modular) configuration per DIN 43880

  • Simple replacement of protective modules facilitated by module locking system with release button

  • Vibration and shock-tested under EN 60068-2 specifications.

EAP T3, Class D, Class III SPD AC Surge Protective Device