ERS-2/4 Series

DC combiner boxes link PV inverters and PV arrays, combining the output of a large number of strings to improve PV performance. Through the design of our combiner box, we enable easy integration of additional functions, such as the inclusion of switches and a second MPPT.

Product Benefits

  • Max shut down one or two strings modules

  • Maximum circuit current 55A

  • Maximum cricuit voltage 1500vdc

  • CE certificated

  • PC + ABS material, IP66 protection grade

  • Multi clock interface type optional (knockout hole / gland / MC4 terminal)

  • The Isolation switches are TUV.CE.CB.SAA certificated

  • Waterproof Vent valve to avoid condensation inside the shell

  • Advanced temperature sensor is used to detect the highest temperature in the shell in real time temperature, when the internal temperature exceeds 70 degrees, automatic cut-off switch

  • It is suitable for residential, industrial and commercial photovoltaic systems